How We Help

In addition to the hidden costs of addiction, companies across North Dakota are grappling with how they can help their employees better manage chronic disease — in part due to healthcare reform and other changes.

Many employers offer wellness, chronic disease management and employee assistance programs. However, long-term addiction wellness programs are absent. 

We work with employers to integrate customized addiction recovery programs into the overall employer benefit programs to improve the bottom line, enhance corporate culture and save lives. 

We enlist employers by showing that investing in addiction wellness makes good economic sense. We provide tools, programming and peer recovery services to help employers support their employees and better manage costs related to this chronic illness.

Our Workplace Initiative, first developed in the Sioux Falls area, involves more than 30 employers in that region. Now we're working to expand the program to include Fargo/Moorhead employers as well.

We help employers educate the workforce about the disease of addiction, change perceptions and language around addiction and grow a culture of addiction wellness. We offer management training, help managers offer preventative information and work with employees seeking help for themselves or their family members. We also provide recovery support services to anyone seeking help at no cost. These services can extend directly into workplaces. 

A Strategic Partnership

We work in partnership with the highest levels of your organization’s leadership to design programs and provide services that meet your business objectives, align with your workplace culture and labor force and help more employees and family members get well and stay well.

We also offer a robust evaluation program to demonstrate return on investment and cost savings.

Our employer partners share a common belief that addiction is a chronic disease. Our partners commit to integrating addiction into their existing chronic disease management or employee wellness programs to promote understanding, acceptance and support of addiction.

The goals of our work with employers are to:

  • Change attitudes and reduce stigma around addiction so more employees feel comfortable asking for help, before problems are so severe;
  • Design worksite education to improve awareness of addiction treatment and disease management benefits for employees and their families;
  • Promote a culture of addiction wellness by demonstrating a top-down approach to acceptance of and support for employees with this disease;
  • Improve knowledge of addiction and getting well, including community resources for helping addiction sufferers, among enterprise leadership and employees; and
  • Measure outcomes from the partnership to demonstrate effectiveness and a valuable return on investment.

Contact us to learn more about becoming a partner in our Workplace Initiative.