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Learn more about our work in Fargo-Moorhead and other communities, our national vision and other issues related to getting drug and alcohol addiction sufferers well.

Labels applied to concerned loved ones of addiction sufferers can do just as much damage and fuel the psychological barriers that keep people from seeking help and getting well. 

If you have a friend or even a co-worker with a family member struggling with addiction, you’ve probably wondered what to say or do. People usually want to help, but end up not doing (or saying) anything for fear of making a mistake. The reality is that being open and supportive is never a wrong way to go.

Join us as we celebrate the opening of our new addiction management center serving the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo area.

Face It TOGETHER Sioux Falls has hosted Solving Addiction on the Green for four years. Dave Jansa, the tournament director, offers some insight on what makes the event unique, and why he remains passionate about putting it together.

Raven Industries has been committed to solving great challenges for more than 60 years. In their six year partnership with Face It TOGETHER, they joined forces to build a culture of addiction wellness in the workplace to help employees and their family members get well.

Face It TOGETHER partners with employers to build cultures of addiction health and mitigate the costs of addiction to business. Learn about our partnership with Groomer's Choice, a national leader in the pet grooming care industry.